TABLE 2.4: Perinatal Statistics Report 2014: Live Births, Stillbirths, Early Neonatal Deaths, and Perinatal Deaths, 2005-2014

Presents the numbers and rates for total births and perinatal deaths for Ireland from 2005 to 2014. The Perinatal Statistics Report 2014 is a report on national data on Perinatal events in 2014. Information on every birth in the Republic of Ireland is submitted to the National Perinatal Reporting System (NPRS). All births are notified and registered on a standard four part birth notification form (BNF01) which is completed where the birth takes place. Part 3 of this form is sent to the HPO for data entry and validation. The information collected includes data on pregnancy outcomes (with particular reference to perinatal mortality and important aspects of perinatal care), as well as descriptive social and biological characteristics of mothers giving birth. See the complete Perinatal Statistics Report 2014 at

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