The eHealth Ireland Open Data Portal makes it easy to find and access data from across the Irish Health Sector. This includes information on available health services, statistics on hospital cases and national waiting lists, and performance of new digital initiatives, such as eReferrals.

The publication of Irish Public Sector data in open, free and reusable formats is recognised as a key element of the Public Service Reform agenda. Through the National and Regional Open Data Portals, citizens can access raw Public Sector data, providing insights into the operation of public organisations and services.

The aim of Open Data is twofold; on the one hand facilitating transparency of the Public Sector and on the other providing a valuable resource that can drive innovation. The availability of Open Data can empower citizens and support clinicians, care providers, and researchers make better decisions, spur new innovations and identify efficiencies while ensuring that personal data remains confidential.

Richard Corbridge, CIO HSE

Open Health Data Policy

The Open Health Data Policy creates an overarching framework for the accessibility and availability of Open Data within the Irish Health Sector. The Open Health Data Policy ensures that a consistent approach is taken for the release of Open Data across the HSE, aligned with National Guidelines and International Best Practice.

Open Health Data Principles

The following Open Health Data Principles support the HSE’s vision to ‘improve patient care, empower choice and support innovation through open access to HSE data, while protecting patients’ personal data’.

  • Data is a valuable asset to improve healthcare delivery and planning
  • Personal data is protected under data protection legislation
  • Open Health Data is proactively published
  • Open Health Data is usable by all
  • Open Health Data is of high quality
  • Reuses of Open Health Data will be supported
  • Researchers and other external stakeholders have access to relevant data under controlled circumstances.
  • People can access data about themselves and how it is being used

eHealth Ireland

eHealth Ireland aims to bring improved population wellbeing, health service efficiencies and economic opportunity through the use of technology-enabled solutions. eHealth Ireland is headed up by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), working closely with all of the key business organisations within the health service, in order to drive forward the eHealth strategy and ensure that key IT systems are implemented on time and to budget. is the Irish National Open Data Portal, providing easy access to datasets that are free to use, reuse, and redistribute. The portal is operated by the Open Data Unit of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. All datasets published on this eHealth Ireland Open Data Portal are harvested to and available on


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The eHealth Ireland Open Data Portal is built using CKAN. Full API access is available to the portal. API documentation is available here.